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  • Product Name : Weather Proof Silicone Sealant for Curtain Wall
    Size : Repow DLB7600
    Country of Origin : Zhejiang
    Contact : Zhang Bingjie (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
    DLB7600 is a one component, neutral curing sealant for facade sealing and water proofing. Good temperature tolerance.

    1) Sealing for weathering resistance joints and non-structural facade joints
    2) Sealing for all kinds of aluminum facades
    3) Sealing and bonding of all kinds of concrete and metals
    4) Other various applications

    1) Clean the joint sections with toluene or acetone and keep dry.
    2) Cover the sections to be protected with low viscosity adhesive tape, but leave the sections to be applied untouched.
    3) Extrude the sealant to the joint point with the sealant gun.
    4) Trim to the satisfied appearance before curing.

    Do not use as structural sealant and do not use under the following situation:
    1) All material which is possible to separate out grease, Plasticizer, rubber or tape which is not or partially not vulcanized.
    2) Totally enclosed sections
    3) Long time in water or underground environments which is humid all the time
    4) Surface of paint, which could fail to seal because of the peel-off of the paint coat
    5) Frosty or damp surface
    6) Surface direct contact with food
    7) Surface easy to be mechanically worn 

    1) Packing: 300ml cartridge and 590ml aluminum plastic composite tube
    2) Color: black, white, grey, copper or sample color match
    3) 9 months if stored under 27℃ in dry and ventilated places

    6、STANDARD  GB/T14683