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  • Product Name : AF-3 Automatic Drilling Machine
    Size : AF-3
    Country of Origin : Zhejiang
    Contact : Zhang Bingjie (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Power Supply Type AC220V Power/kw




    Air pressure/MPa


    Drilling Depth/mm


    Drilling Diameter/mm


    Min Distance of Two Holes/mm


    Uprightness Max Distance /mm




    Portrait Max Size /mm


    Max Hole Position




    Control Way

    Desk-top Automatic

    Cooling way

    Water Cool

    Main Characteristic
    Reasonable structure design, compact volume with light weight, easy operation.

    220v voltage, energy-saving, quick installation.

    Frequency control technology application, higher rotates speed, more energy saving, less noise, easy maintenance, safer. Compatible with various undercut anchor according to the facade requirements. Economic products, available for batch operation.

    Application of PLC programming control technology, switch between single and double host work mode, touch screen operation, numerical positioning.

    Especially Attention
    Installation under altitude of 1000m and temperature of 0~35℃, avoid contact with rain.

    Open the water valve before power on, and do not drill without water.

    Use clean water as the cooling water only, and the water pressure should between 0.3-0.6Mpa. Shut off and check if the water is not out properly after power on in ten seconds.

    Electrical outlet should be put 1.5-2.0m over the ground and the voltage must be controlled at 220V±5%, higher or lower power voltage could cause damages to the motor.

    Before power on or changing the drill bit, make sure the orientation tip and "O" ring is set correctly.

    When in manual mode, make sure drill finished before undercutting start, press to drill after undercutting back to original and press slab will be the last operation.

    When in auto mode, pay attention to the replacement of the approach switch, properly adjust to make sure the operation consistently.

    In case of any error, back to the origin and restart.

    Do not adjust the electric parts without any directions.