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  • Product Name : Epoxy Adhesive
    Size : Epoxy Adhesive
    Country of Origin : Zhejiang
    Contact : Zhang Bingjie (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Stone dry-hanging is a new application method of stone originated from abroad, which hangs the stone slabs directed on the wall or columns with anti-erosion metal hangers, no more adhesion needed inside. Space spared between the foundation and the slabs can prevent the harmful chemicals of cements penetrating into the stone. So that we can effectively control the effloresces, deficient adhesion and falling off of the slabs caused by physical change. Over sized slabs, which could be a problem for cement, adhering can be easily applied using dry-hanging method.
    1、Main Composition
    Epoxy resin, Organic modified amine, Quartz powder

    2、Main Properties
    High strength of adhesion, no dropping vertically, reasonable workable time, no pollution to the stone, waterproofing, freezing resistant, chemical resistant, aging resistant, fireproofing.
    Applicable for various bonding.

    3、Main Application
    Adhesive for stone curtain wall
    Adhesive for precast-concrete forms
    Adhesive for structural strengthening
    Pattern making for marble or tiles
    Joining adhesive for tiles, ceramics and concrete
    Fissure filling for the concrete

    6、Directions for use

    1) Surface pretreatment: clean the surface away from any dirt, oil, and grease.
    2) Mixing: mix the A and B thoroughly according to the regulated ratio till the uniform color achieved.
    3) Application: use steel facer or other tools to paint the mixture to surface to be bonded.

    7、 Attention

    Use the regulated ratio strictly or it may cause pollution to the stone.
    Do not apply in the humid places.
    Make the surface to be bonded rough if possible.

    Lowest workable temperature 5℃.
    Pre-heat the adhesive to (30—40)℃ if apply in winter.
    Do not move the bonding parts until it cures totally.
    Do not reload the excess to the original packing.

    9、months if stored in cool places avoiding lightening.

    10、Production standard
    Q/ZLJG 002--2002

    11、Tools handling
    Clean immediately after application
    Clean with acetone if neccessary

    12、Safety rule
    Personal protection: wearing suitable gloves, glasses or screen for face.

    The adhesive and hardeners may cause chemical harms to skin and eyes. Rinse with water immediately and call a specialized doctor in serious case.