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  • Product Name : To Sell Silicone Sealant for Stone
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    DLB-7200 is a one component, medium modulus, neutral curing sealant for stone. Good extrusion and adhesion between stone, ceramic and concrete components; No pollution to porous substrates; Excellent weathering resistance, aging resistance and good elongation and restoration ability; ±20% displacement tolerance

    1) Sealing of marble, granite slabs in facade project and
    2) Road concrete project sealing
    3) Sealing of sanitary equipment, ceramic project
    4) Various application in automobiles, ship, packing, advertising and family decorations

    3、TECHNICAL DATA( Pic 2)

    1) Ensure the surface to be bonded free of grease, dust, and water or any possible of pollutions.
    2) Cover the sections to be protected with low viscosity adhesive tape, but leave the sections to be applied untouched.
    3) Extrude the sealant to the joint point with the sealant gun.
    4) Trim to the satisfied appearance before curing.

    1) All material which is possible to separate out grease, Plasticizer, rubber or tape which is not or partially not vulcanized.
    2) Totally enclosed sections
    3) Long time in water or underground environments which is humid all the time
    4) Surface of paint, which could fail to seal because of the peel-off of the paint coat
    5) Frosty or damp surface
    6) Surface direct contact with food
    7) Surface easy to be mechanically worn 

    1) Packing: 300ml cartridge and 500ml aluminum plastic composite tube
    2) Color: Black, white, grey, copper or sample color match
    3) 9 months if stored under 27℃ in dry and ventilated places

    7、STANDARD  GB/T14683