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  • Product Name : To Sell AF-1 Drilling Machine
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    Main Characteristic
    Reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, easy to operate.
    220v voltage, save power. Double insulation, safety and stabilization.
    Fastness and two work ways, fit for large and small curtain wall drill need.
    According to the design of curtain wall, fit for more than two kinds of anchor.

    Especially Attention
    Open the water valve before power on, do not drill without the cooling water.
    Electrical outlet should have the creepage protection, and set at the place 1.5-2.0m over the ground and the voltage must be controlled at 220V, higher or lower could cause damages to the output power even the machine itself.
    Before power on or change the drill bit, make sure the orientation tip and “O” ring is set correctly.
    Only use clean water as the cooling water, and the water pressure should make sure between 3-6KG/cm2. Shut off and check if the water is not out properly after power on in ten seconds.
    Do not change the round speed of the machine when drilling or undercutting holes.
    When drilling or undercutting hole, do not press too much on the handle or may cause damage to the motor and drill bit. Do not press the down handle before the depth of the hole reached the requirement. After drilling, back off the undercutting handle first and then the drilling handle.